Meet Sharpe Capital, LLC

A family owned and operated brokerage firm with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. We're here to help all of our clients with their business' unique financial needs. No loan is too big or too small for us; our goal is to simply help create a positive future for all of our clients. Here at Sharpe Capital, we understand that working capital can be difficult to obtain. With banks approving fewer and fewer loans, borrowing for your business' future can be frightening and uncertain, especially in today's economy. With Sharpe Capital you're in good hands.

Who We Are

Sharpe Capital has over 15 years of business financial experience. We are at the forefront of this quickly changing economy and we work closely with our clients and investors because we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding expectations. We also believe in keeping our services affordable, working around your budget while never charging fees!

In support of the Connecticut Children's, 1% of all commissions made by Sharpe Capital LLC will be donated to the Connecticut Children’s Foundation.

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